Investors and Partnerships

BioGntx follows a unique approach

At this moment BioGntx is a privately funded company with a strong pipeline of drug candicates that have the potential to address significant unmet medical needs. Our team of experienced scientists and researchers is committed to advancing our programs to clinical development and ultimately to the market.

For our future next steps in the development of our drug candidates, we will be seeking new partnerships and investments to support our mission and accelerate our growth. If you are interested in investing in BioGntx, we invite you to join our preferred investor list.

By joining our preferred investor list, you will receive exclusive updates on our progress, upcoming financing rounds and the opportunity to participate in future investments at a preferential position. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our investors and partners and create value for all stakeholders.

Strategic Partnerships for Future Development:

As a privately funded company with a robust pipeline of drug candidates, BioGntx is not only committed to the ongoing development of its medicines, but also proactively seeks strategic partnerships that can provide added value to our research. These collaborations are key to advancing medical innovation, accelerating our growth, and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.